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ZIP – the cure for the ‘Embarrassing Kid’

For the latest van der Graaf Generator album (A Grounding in Numbers), Peter Hammill penned a song called ‘Embarrassing Kid’ wherein he lamented the fact that he could not escape the mistakes of his younger, and more foolish, self. Well… … Continue reading

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I feel your pain, apparently

I recently listened to an item on ‘All in the Mind’ about Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia a condition which highlights the impact of a particular form of neural mis-functioning on it’s impact on human experience and links neatly to a paper by … Continue reading

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Chaos, complexity and freedom

I went to an interesting lecture last night at Durham Uni. The talk was by David Wilkinson, another ex-physicist / reverend minister / academic. The talk was one of a series about the intersection of physics (especially quantum physics) and … Continue reading

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The perception-memory continuum

One of the wonderful things about reading through this material about perception is that I come across phrases like “the perception-memory continuum”, which (frankly) sounds a bit too Star Trek to be true. Another phrase which I have recently relished … Continue reading

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A couple of nuggets have cropped up on the theme of synaesthesia. The first was a talk at Newcastle Uni. that I didn’t manage to attend. The talk, “Synaesthesia as a Disturbance of Memory and Perception” was given by Dr … Continue reading

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