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(thinking about) reaching and holding

Imagine an object handling session: the workshop leader has got out the objects, there on the table or in the middle of the circle of people seated on the floor. What’s going on at that point? As other authors have … Continue reading

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2 desks

 2 desks, both chaotic – one fictional, the other historical. Both speak to my current pre-occupation with stories that can be evoked with everyday objects. The first is described in an excerpt from Thomas Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, which I came across … Continue reading

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Objects and (autobiographical) memory

Long-term memory can be broken down into functional systems. Declarative memory Episodic memory (facts, figures) Semantic memory (personal life events) including Autobiographical memory (life events that are key to the narrative we create that is foundational to our sense of … Continue reading

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