A lovely experiment in how the senses interact with each other and with the imagination. The blog suggests that sound opens up possibilities for the imagination rather than limiting them (compared to sight). Could the same be true for touch?


How do we visualise the world through our auditory sense?
Does sound shape what we see?

By combining field-recordings from 4 separate locations Sounds from an Idealised World artificially creates a landscape which is visualised through auditory cues. Although the original recordings are unrelated in both place and time our instinctive listening approach creates a singular visual image from what we hear before us. Consequently as the familiar sounds of waves, birds, cicadas and wind-chimes enter our auditory system we listen visually.

Guided by this fusion of sounds we might imagine a tropical coastline where waves softly wash against the fringe of a lush green forest, the chimes adding to the tranquility of the scene. We bring to this our subjective histories, the sights and sounds of a coastline we experienced in the past or images we have subconsciously accumulated through visual media. In this aspect listening is a…

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About Bruce Davenport

Research associate at Newcastle University. Previously a museum educator and researcher.
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