Reaching out (daunted)

One of my intentions, when I began this blog, was to draw on the available literature to piece together a neural geography of object handling. That personal project has taken a variety of turns since then, to the point that I have now enrolled on a MSc programme in Psychology (part-time). (This is one of the reasons why blog entries have been so thin on the ground lately.)

Anyway, as I was grazing on library books one day, I came across ‘The Organisation of Mind‘ by Shallice and Cooper. In this I found that various researchers are ahead of me in this intention. (This is not surprising and, in truth, is the assumption on which this entire project has been based – that most of the answers are out there, they just need to be found and collated in a particular way.)

Anyway, in Chapter 3 (p81) Shallice and Cooper reproduce the diagram below from Marconi et al. showing the anatomical relationships between systems in the parietal and frontal cortices involved in hand-eye coordination involved in reaching for an object.

a neural geography of reaching outNote: this is just the systems involved in reaching out for an object. This is not ‘reaching out for an object, feeling the object, experiencing the evocation of memory & imagination and sharing that experience with others’: just reaching out.

When I started this project, I don’t think that I could have imagined this degree of complexity and, staring at it, I am quite daunted by what I’ve gotten myself into. Nonetheless, the topic still fascinates me, so I’ll persevere in skipping in the footsteps of serious researchers.


About Bruce Davenport

Research associate at Newcastle University. Previously a museum educator and researcher.
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