ICCHS and Beamish Museum projects

I’ve been quite quiet on this blog for a while. Life/work/study has gotten the better of writing. So, here’s some news about a couple of interesting projects that I’m working on.

Each project takes a different approach to looking at the ways that open air museums interacts with older people – one is more quantitative and focused on object-based reminiscence; the other is more qualitative and looks at holistic engagement through meaningful activities in the museum setting. Both have distinct strengths and challenges but I hope that, in combination, we’ll gain some valuable insights.

ICCHS Research

ICCHS staff are working with colleagues at Beamish Museum to investigate the impact of the museum’s work with older people in two, separate projects.

Beamish Museum is an open air museum which tells the story of life in the north east of England in at different moments in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. They use buildings moved from across the region to create period settings. The museum’s staff have been working with older audiences for several years. Originally the sessions took place in one of the 19th Century ‘Pit Cottages’ but recently moved into ‘Orchard Cottage’ which is a 1940s set out as a 1940s farm-worker’s cottage. The sessions have also evolved from conventional reminiscence sessions, making use of handling collections and the immersive setting, into broader sessions, involving sensory stimuli and meaningful physical activity. The aim of the sessions is to…

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About Bruce Davenport

Research associate at Newcastle University. Previously a museum educator and researcher.
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