AHA! The report!

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a post about projects that I was (then) working on, in collaboration with staff from Beamish Museum. Both projects are now complete.

The smaller, ‘Mens’ Group’ project was really interesting and we learnt a lot through it but it has been difficult to find a way to publish/disseminate what we learnt because we worked with such a small group of men. The same cannot be said for the AHA project (Active Ageing and Heritage in Adult Learning).

We set out to recruit enough participants that we could do some meaningful statistical analysis with the data. We also set out to explore the possibilities for museum staff to provide training in object-based reminiscence for family members and carers of people with dementia. Happily, the project met all it’s goals, though not always in the ways originally envisaged.

The project has now finished and a report has been produced documenting all the strands of project activity (not just the evaluation that the university partners were involved in). The results of the evaluation are presented in Part 2. If you’re interested please read on…


The project is complete but, as is often the way with these projects, the writing of academic papers has extended beyond the formal end of the project. I’ve been working with my colleague at Newcastle and Aarhus University on a paper presenting the quantitative data. Our colleague in Linnaeus University is leading on the qualitative paper. More news about these papers as it is made.


About Bruce Davenport

Research associate at Newcastle University. Previously a museum educator and researcher.
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