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Vexatious Objects

I was following a chain of references, in search of a possible dissertation topic, when I came upon the book “Creations of the Mind: Theories of Artifacts and their Representation” (2007), edited by Margolis and Laurence. I was really only … Continue reading

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unexpectedly social objects

Back in October, there was an interesting edition of ‘Thinking Allowed’ wherein Laurie Taylor (2014) interviewed academic, Julia Twigg, about some research that she and her researcher, Christina Buse, did on the ways that women with dementia use their handbags … Continue reading

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Further insights into modelling thinking

A bit like in the previous entry, a while ago I came across an edition of the journal Developmental Science which was dedicated to a single topic. In this case it was using modelling techniques to try and gain insight … Continue reading

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Metaphor and thought

In ‘Kant and the Platypus’ Eco takes a black-box approach to cognition. He explicitly states that he does not know and does not want to know the details of neural functioning. Rather, he decided to try to understand cognition by … Continue reading

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The tip of an argument

I was going to comment on the papers from the book, ‘The origins of object knowledge’ on a paper-by-paper basis… but I’ve changed my mind. The editors have done a fine job and the papers interlink and cross-reference, so I’ll … Continue reading

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working memory in infants

A while ago Radiolab did a marvellous programme ‘Words’ on language and cognition. The first 2 contributors discussed cognitive development and language in young children. Following that link I came across this book of papers edited by Hood and Santos … Continue reading

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