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A plethora of perspectives

It’s been a while (10 months!) since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been studying, and writing a dissertation for, a MSc in Psychology. There were some fascinating potential tangents to explore along the way but it was too … Continue reading

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Remembering together

Over the last year or so my thoughts about reminiscence have shifted somewhat. This has come about through a mixture of observing some object handling and reminiscence sessions and a series of conversations with colleagues about the topic. At the … Continue reading

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Haptic primes

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the idea of ‘material primes’ as explored in David McRaney’s book ‘You are not so smart’. Chapter 38 of the book, on Embodied Cognition, deals with ‘haptic primes’ which are at least as … Continue reading

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Outside the head

Most times , when I need to explain something,I end up scrabbling for a pen and some scrap of paper to draw on – maps, diagrams, key words – whatever it takes… But it never really occurred to me that … Continue reading

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Changes (1)

A while ago a colleague of mine, Myra Giesen, pointed out to me that the body changes and therefore the relationship between our bodies and our material environment changes with age too. I saw a couple of instances of this … Continue reading

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Embodiment is the answer

Raymond Tallis (2011) draws on a lovely metaphor for the perceptual and cognitive activity of the brain… “Observations of this kind have led some scientists […] to suggest that “the brain acts more as if the arrival … of inputs … Continue reading

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Shape and story

I’ve noted previously the Cafe Politique event that I attended where the Politics of Dementia was discussed – it struck me then that one of the problematic issues facing people living with dementia was the notion of identity. The people … Continue reading

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