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Bruised but encouraged

In the previous entry I mentioned Raymond Tallis’ book ‘Aping Mankind’; I’ve finished it and it’s hugely relevant but when I tried to summarise some of the ideas in it to a colleague, the expression on their face suggested that … Continue reading

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Shape and story

I’ve noted previously the Cafe Politique event that I attended where the Politics of Dementia was discussed – it struck me then that one of the problematic issues facing people living with dementia was the notion of identity. The people … Continue reading

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Dementia and changing relationships

A few weeks ago I went to a Café Politique event titled, ‘The Politics of Dementia’. In the end there was not a huge amount of discussion around the political context for the care of people living with dementia but … Continue reading

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The elusive ‘self’

The OU course I’m following rightly takes a materialist approach, i.e. that human behaviour ultimately must rise out of events at the molecular and neural level. However, as the authors acknowledge there remain both ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ problems of consciousness … Continue reading

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perception and selfhood – more speculation

I’ve been thinking about the significance of the ideas in ‘The Inner Touch’ a little more. For me, one of the key ideas is that, following Liebniz, we can declare ‘I perceive, therefore I am.’ The subsequent chapters in the … Continue reading

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