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Imagining pathways to impact

The previous entry was based on some speculative ideas; this one leaps into a speculative/imaginative domain in order to work through some ideas that have been niggling me. I have various bug-bears… I find the rhetorical insistence on the centrality … Continue reading

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Well rehearsed

Maybe…. It has been observed that Alzheimer’s Disease affects the areas of the brain known as Wernicke’s area (which is correlated to speech comprehension) and Broca’s area (which is correlated to speech production) and that these affect peoples ability to … Continue reading

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Edge of an idea

One of the editors’ goals for their book ‘Conversation and Cognition’ (te Molder & Potter, 2005) was to draw out the differences of position within the field of discursive psychology, particularly with regards to the question of whether we can … Continue reading

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Just before Christmas, I visited Matt’s Gallery, in London, for work. It was next door to the Ragged School Museum. I arrived early so I meandered around, taking in the environs, which is when I noticed that the museum building … Continue reading

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A true story about a woman and some chocolate

Last weekend, we had a family trip to York which involved visiting ‘Chocolate – York’s Sweet Story‘. This is a visitor attraction in the centre of York which tells the story of chocolate and the role of the major confectionery … Continue reading

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The sound of our imagination

A recent edition of framework:afield was produced and hosted by Felicity Ford as part of a project that she is undertaking with MoDA, the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture. The projetc is called Sonic Wallpapers. The idea behind the … Continue reading

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It occurred to me the other day that personality could be seen as a form of memory. I’ve read somewhere (!) that for the most part memory is present- or future-oriented. That is, the purpose of memory is not to … Continue reading

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Involuntary moods / memories

One of the starting assumptions for this work on objects and memory is that the memories involuntarily provoked by an object are significantly different from those that we recall by deliberate intent. It’s nice to find someone who shares a … Continue reading

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Shopping in the 18th Century

A colleague passed on this paper regarding the sensory skills required of genteel, female shoppers in the 18th Century. The author makes a series of interesting points about the haptic experience of shopping at that time… Smith argues that despite … Continue reading

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Objects and (autobiographical) memory

Long-term memory can be broken down into functional systems. Declarative memory Episodic memory (facts, figures) Semantic memory (personal life events) including Autobiographical memory (life events that are key to the narrative we create that is foundational to our sense of … Continue reading

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