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Language and action

I recently finished reading ‘Language & Action in Cognitive Neuroscience’ (Coello & Bartolo, 2013). It’s one of those edited books with every chapter from different authors, which allows debates and tensions within a field to emerge. It’s also a treasure … Continue reading

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Muscle memory – an exercise in carriage wit

Last week I became embroiled in a conversation about ‘muscle memory’ via the medium of Twitter. I don’t really do pithy at the best of time so the conversation was, for me, deeply unsatisfactory and I spent the rest of … Continue reading

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A true story about a woman and some chocolate

Last weekend, we had a family trip to York which involved visiting ‘Chocolate – York’s Sweet Story‘. This is a visitor attraction in the centre of York which tells the story of chocolate and the role of the major confectionery … Continue reading

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(thinking about) reaching and holding

Imagine an object handling session: the workshop leader has got out the objects, there on the table or in the middle of the circle of people seated on the floor. What’s going on at that point? As other authors have … Continue reading

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Speculation confirmed

In an earlier entry I speculated on the significance of the cerebellum. I’ve been doing a little searching on the cerebellum and dementia. The two references I’ve picked up so far (Pickutab et al., 1999 and Rapoport et al., 2000). … Continue reading

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Reaching out

The act of looking at an object is a complex process, so too is the act of reaching out. There is a phenomenon known as ‘proprioception’ – basically the brain maintains a mental image of the body in space. In … Continue reading

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