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Changes (1)

A while ago a colleague of mine, Myra Giesen, pointed out to me that the body changes and therefore the relationship between our bodies and our material environment changes with age too. I saw a couple of instances of this … Continue reading

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Notes from Norway

Last week I had the pleasure of travelling to Norway to visit a couple of museums. I was primarily visiting a student on placement at the Norsk Utvandrermuseet (Norwegian Emigrant Museum) in Hamar. However, I’d also recently found out about … Continue reading

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Imagining pathways to impact

The previous entry was based on some speculative ideas; this one leaps into a speculative/imaginative domain in order to work through some ideas that have been niggling me. I have various bug-bears… I find the rhetorical insistence on the centrality … Continue reading

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Contemporary visual art and the wellbeing of older people – seminar

This is a seminar that has been organised by 2 colleagues. Its the third of three seminars but you don’t have to have attended the others. Contemporary visual art and the wellbeing of older people: policy and practice Seminar 3,  … Continue reading

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A true story about a woman and some chocolate

Last weekend, we had a family trip to York which involved visiting ‘Chocolate – York’s Sweet Story‘. This is a visitor attraction in the centre of York which tells the story of chocolate and the role of the major confectionery … Continue reading

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In their book on managing the symptoms of dementia, Ballard et al. (2001, 93), included this schematic to illustrate the ways that the different environments affect people with dementia. Schematic of different environments that affect the symptoms of dementia (from … Continue reading

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Ageing, Health and Vitality project reports

Before I worked on the Digital Storytelling & Dementia project, I was involved in the Ageing, Health and Vitality project. The project was set up to investigate whether working with museums had an impact on the health and wellbeing of … Continue reading

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