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Imagining pathways to impact

The previous entry was based on some speculative ideas; this one leaps into a speculative/imaginative domain in order to work through some ideas that have been niggling me. I have various bug-bears… I find the rhetorical insistence on the centrality … Continue reading

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In their book on managing the symptoms of dementia, Ballard et al. (2001, 93), included this schematic to illustrate the ways that the different environments affect people with dementia. Schematic of different environments that affect the symptoms of dementia (from … Continue reading

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Shopping in the 18th Century

A colleague passed on this paper regarding the sensory skills required of genteel, female shoppers in the 18th Century. The author makes a series of interesting points about the haptic experience of shopping at that time… Smith argues that despite … Continue reading

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Its not just about listening

I bought a record last week. Its the first time I’ve bought an album on vinyl since the early 90s. I have a turntable on top of my stereo where it has lurked, dusty and neglected, for the last (nearly) … Continue reading

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(thinking about) reaching and holding

Imagine an object handling session: the workshop leader has got out the objects, there on the table or in the middle of the circle of people seated on the floor. What’s going on at that point? As other authors have … Continue reading

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A while ago, I heard a news item about a Dutch artist who had created “God’s answer-machine”. It was a real answer-machine; when you rang it the message said (in Dutch) something to the effect that God wasn’t in right … Continue reading

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Metaphorical drift

I went to a talk yesterday by a PhD student, Jocelyn Spence, part of her talk revolved around the way that we interact over photographs. She pointed out how, when we talk, we shape each others thinking and gradually reminiscences … Continue reading

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