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Language and action

I recently finished reading ‘Language & Action in Cognitive Neuroscience’ (Coello & Bartolo, 2013). It’s one of those edited books with every chapter from different authors, which allows debates and tensions within a field to emerge. It’s also a treasure … Continue reading

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Inhering in words

I’ve been reading ‘The Organisation of Mind’ by Shallice and Cooper. It’s not the book I thought it would be but that is possibly a good thing. It’s not an easy read, at least not for me, and completing each … Continue reading

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unexpectedly social objects

Back in October, there was an interesting edition of ‘Thinking Allowed’ wherein Laurie Taylor (2014) interviewed academic, Julia Twigg, about some research that she and her researcher, Christina Buse, did on the ways that women with dementia use their handbags … Continue reading

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At the weekend, my family and I visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Once upon a time (when we had no kids and lived in Sheffield) this was a regular occurrence, nowadays distance makes the visits less frequent. Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and … Continue reading

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Some nuggets from ‘The Deepest Sense’

Birthday reading this year included ‘The Deepest Sense’ by Constance Classen. It’s really good; academic whilst still being eminently readable. The aim of the book is to trace a cultural history of the senses in Western Europe, starting from the … Continue reading

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Objects as material primes

A couple of years ago I read a fascinating paper that examined, experimentally, the impact that metaphors embedded in textual information can have on subsequent decision making. The results showed that the metaphors had a direct impact on participants’ decision … Continue reading

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Not quite a film review

During the Christmas holiday, I watched the film ‘Oblivion’ on DVD. It’s a science-fiction film in a post-apocalyptic setting but, surprisingly, the topics of memory, evocative objects and character / identity emerge as significant themes throughout the story. It has … Continue reading

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