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Objects and memories – evoked or invoked?

When I’ve been thinking about objects and memory, I have often used the verb ‘to evoke’ as in “The object evokes memories that might otherwise not have been recalled.” The word seemed to capture the feeling that this happened without … Continue reading

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Social Identity and Reminiscence – SIT – (3 of 3)

The previous blog post felt like I was running the risk of re-stating the blindingly obvious but in a theoretical framework that was new to me. This post concerns insights from Social Identity Theory which are relevant to reminiscence and … Continue reading

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Doing perception

This is the final post about Alva Noë’s book ‘Action in Perception’. (The previous ones being Experiential Blindness and Outside the Head.) The book manages to be difficult and engaging at the same time. The topic is fascinating and the … Continue reading

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Outside the head

Most times , when I need to explain something,I end up scrabbling for a pen and some scrap of paper to draw on – maps, diagrams, key words – whatever it takes… But it never really occurred to me that … Continue reading

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Experiential Blindness

Imagine a huge field strewn with rocks, perhaps like the fields around West Kennet Long Barrow, littered with hunks of flint. Now picture the field is full of academics hurling the rocks at each other, occasionally with epithets. So there … Continue reading

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Sound section

Water flowing gently by; A bridge opening (perhaps); The sound of my footsteps as I start to walk; Kittiwakes calling from their urban eyries; Paving stones being scrubbed clean of the residues from yesterday’s excess; The echo of sounds bouncing … Continue reading

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Just before Christmas, I visited Matt’s Gallery, in London, for work. It was next door to the Ragged School Museum. I arrived early so I meandered around, taking in the environs, which is when I noticed that the museum building … Continue reading

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A month or so ago, I attended a one-day symposium, ‘The Power of the Real’ at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield. The symposium was part of a project exploring the role of objects in design teaching (amongst other things) and … Continue reading

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Magical Touching

A recent edition of the BBC Worldservice programme, The Forum, focussed on ‘The real vs the virtual’. Amongst the guests was Edmund de Waal, potter and author. Bridget Kendall, the host of the programme spoke, rather gushingly, about how holding … Continue reading

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Imagine sucking a lemon

Imagine sucking a slice of fresh lemon. Imagine the texture and flavour… So.. I was reading an article about Adrian Owen recently (Cyranoski, 2012). Owen is a researcher who found a way of communicating with some people who are in … Continue reading

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