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A month or so ago, I attended a one-day symposium, ‘The Power of the Real’ at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield. The symposium was part of a project exploring the role of objects in design teaching (amongst other things) and … Continue reading

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Magical Touching

A recent edition of the BBC Worldservice programme, The Forum, focussed on ‘The real vs the virtual’. Amongst the guests was Edmund de Waal, potter and author. Bridget Kendall, the host of the programme spoke, rather gushingly, about how holding … Continue reading

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Imagine sucking a lemon

Imagine sucking a slice of fresh lemon. Imagine the texture and flavour… So.. I was reading an article about Adrian Owen recently (Cyranoski, 2012). Owen is a researcher who found a way of communicating with some people who are in … Continue reading

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2 podcasts – sniffing and (un)thinking

I’ve listened to a couple of interesting and useful podcasts recently… The first, ‘Sniffing Out Danger’ on BBC Radio 4 was ostensibly about how technologists are trying to put the sense of smell to different uses (e.g., sniffing out drugs … Continue reading

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Shopping in the 18th Century

A colleague passed on this paper regarding the sensory skills required of genteel, female shoppers in the 18th Century. The author makes a series of interesting points about the haptic experience of shopping at that time… Smith argues that despite … Continue reading

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Its not just about listening

I bought a record last week. Its the first time I’ve bought an album on vinyl since the early 90s. I have a turntable on top of my stereo where it has lurked, dusty and neglected, for the last (nearly) … Continue reading

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(thinking about) reaching and holding

Imagine an object handling session: the workshop leader has got out the objects, there on the table or in the middle of the circle of people seated on the floor. What’s going on at that point? As other authors have … Continue reading

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