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Language and action

I recently finished reading ‘Language & Action in Cognitive Neuroscience’ (Coello & Bartolo, 2013). It’s one of those edited books with every chapter from different authors, which allows debates and tensions within a field to emerge. It’s also a treasure … Continue reading

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Social Identity and Reminiscence – SIT – (3 of 3)

The previous blog post felt like I was running the risk of re-stating the blindingly obvious but in a theoretical framework that was new to me. This post concerns insights from Social Identity Theory which are relevant to reminiscence and … Continue reading

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Imagine sucking a lemon

Imagine sucking a slice of fresh lemon. Imagine the texture and flavour… So.. I was reading an article about Adrian Owen recently (Cyranoski, 2012). Owen is a researcher who found a way of communicating with some people who are in … Continue reading

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I feel your pain, apparently

I recently listened to an item on ‘All in the Mind’ about Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia a condition which highlights the impact of a particular form of neural mis-functioning on it’s impact on human experience and links neatly to a paper by … Continue reading

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