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6th Annual Conference in collaboration with University of Nottingham’s Sensory Studies Network ‘Home Atmospheres: Sensing & Feeling at Home’

Originally posted on HISTORIES OF HOME SSN:
The Histories of Home Subject Specialist Network (SSN) in collaboration with the University of Nottingham is hosting its sixth annual conference Home Atmospheres: Sensing & Feeling at Home, to be held at the…

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“i thank You God for most this amazing” by e.e. cummings

Originally posted on THE POETRY PLACE:
i thank You God for most this amazing day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes…

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A month or so ago, I attended a one-day symposium, ‘The Power of the Real’ at the Millenium Gallery in Sheffield. The symposium was part of a project exploring the role of objects in design teaching (amongst other things) and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on SOUNDS LIKE NOISE:
How do we visualise the world through our auditory sense? Does sound shape what we see? [audio By combining field-recordings from 4 separate locations Sounds from an Idealised World artificially creates a landscape…

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2 podcasts – sniffing and (un)thinking

I’ve listened to a couple of interesting and useful podcasts recently… The first, ‘Sniffing Out Danger’ on BBC Radio 4 was ostensibly about how technologists are trying to put the sense of smell to different uses (e.g., sniffing out drugs … Continue reading

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Meten is weten

“Meten is weten” – to measure is to know. In this country at least, we (unknowingly) apply this aphorism to the richness of human life in so many domains and, in doing so, create an impoverished institutional understanding of what … Continue reading

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The poetics of experience

The danger with the approach I’m following is the problem that is always linked with the fine scale approach – it looses sight of the bigger picture. All this stuff that goes on inside the head is not experienced. For … Continue reading

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