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In their book on managing the symptoms of dementia, Ballard et al. (2001, 93), included this schematic to illustrate the ways that the different environments affect people with dementia. Schematic of different environments that affect the symptoms of dementia (from … Continue reading

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It occurred to me the other day that personality could be seen as a form of memory. I’ve read somewhere (!) that for the most part memory is present- or future-oriented. That is, the purpose of memory is not to … Continue reading

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Ageing, Health and Vitality project reports

Before I worked on the Digital Storytelling & Dementia project, I was involved in the Ageing, Health and Vitality project. The project was set up to investigate whether working with museums had an impact on the health and wellbeing of … Continue reading

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Digital Storytelling and Dementia report

I’ve recently been working on a project for the TWAM Outreach Team. They had done some digital storytelling workshops with people with dementia and the workshop leaders had observed some positive outcomes for the participants. I did some literature research … Continue reading

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