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Published! An object handling paper.

It’s been ages since I posted in my poor, neglected blog. In large part, this is because I’ve been doing lots of reading for research at work that is really interesting but nothing to do with objects. (It’s one of … Continue reading

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A plethora of perspectives

It’s been a while (10 months!) since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been studying, and writing a dissertation for, a MSc in Psychology. There were some fascinating potential tangents to explore along the way but it was too … Continue reading

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Social Identity and Reminiscence – SIT – (3 of 3)

The previous blog post felt like I was running the risk of re-stating the blindingly obvious but in a theoretical framework that was new to me. This post concerns insights from Social Identity Theory which are relevant to reminiscence and … Continue reading

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Reaching out (daunted)

One of my intentions, when I began this blog, was to draw on the available literature to piece together a neural geography of object handling. That personal project has taken a variety of turns since then, to the point that … Continue reading

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Some nuggets from ‘The Deepest Sense’

Birthday reading this year included ‘The Deepest Sense’ by Constance Classen. It’s really good; academic whilst still being eminently readable. The aim of the book is to trace a cultural history of the senses in Western Europe, starting from the … Continue reading

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Haptic primes

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the idea of ‘material primes’ as explored in David McRaney’s book ‘You are not so smart’. Chapter 38 of the book, on Embodied Cognition, deals with ‘haptic primes’ which are at least as … Continue reading

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Muscle memory – an exercise in carriage wit

Last week I became embroiled in a conversation about ‘muscle memory’ via the medium of Twitter. I don’t really do pithy at the best of time so the conversation was, for me, deeply unsatisfactory and I spent the rest of … Continue reading

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Imagining pathways to impact

The previous entry was based on some speculative ideas; this one leaps into a speculative/imaginative domain in order to work through some ideas that have been niggling me. I have various bug-bears… I find the rhetorical insistence on the centrality … Continue reading

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In their book on managing the symptoms of dementia, Ballard et al. (2001, 93), included this schematic to illustrate the ways that the different environments affect people with dementia. Schematic of different environments that affect the symptoms of dementia (from … Continue reading

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Shopping in the 18th Century

A colleague passed on this paper regarding the sensory skills required of genteel, female shoppers in the 18th Century. The author makes a series of interesting points about the haptic experience of shopping at that time… Smith argues that despite … Continue reading

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